Big Dig Day Saturday 21 March 2015

March 17th, 2015

Get digging this Saturday as part of the Big Dig Day.

Grow food, make friends and learn how to garden.
Or just come along to see what we do.

Everyone is welcome, whatever commitment you can give.

Dig day, 22 February 2015

March 3rd, 2015

We made a good start on planting the seeds for this year’s harvest at our last dig of February.

Planting up some seeds at Ruskin Park

Planting up some seeds at Ruskin Park








Until we were forced to abandon the dig due to rain we planted brussels sprouts, spinach, calabrese, kale, purple sprouting broccoli, cabbage and lettuce in pots and put them in the polytunnel. We will be watering them regularly and keeping a close eye on the seedlings until it is warm enough to plant them outside.

Seeds safely installed in our polytunnel

Seeds safely installed in our polytunnel








We also planted out some more broad beans into one of the beds. And we were pleased to see that our garlic has started to grow! Next time (Sunday 8 March) we’ll be planting many more seeds, including tomatoes, in the polytunnel. We’ll also be planting some parsnips out in the garden – hope you can join us.


Dig Day, 8 February

February 8th, 2015

It was a beautiful nearly spring like day in the garden. The broad beans and spinach are looking good and the daffodils are coming up. We weeded the mandala bed. 20150208_132228_resized



Dig day, 25 January

February 2nd, 2015

We got quite a bit done on our second dig of the year – despite the fact that the cold kept most people safely indoors! With a small number of us, we managed to get a few of the beds well weeded and turned over the soil in preparation for planting things. We also harvested a little chard.

We “chitted” our potatoes, putting them into egg boxes and plastic containers, and they are now safely in the polytunnel to start sprouting. A couple of weeks in a warm flat had already got them on their way!

In the coming weeks we’ll be planting more seeds to sprout in pots in the polytunnel so the pace will pick up a bit! Our next dig will be this Sunday, 8 February.


1st dig day of 2015

January 20th, 2015

Sunday 11 January was the our 1st dig day of the year. The weather was cold and bright and we had a good turnout, with some of our regular gardeners and a couple of new faces too.

We cleared one of the beds, prepared it and planted garlic.


We planted a row of carrots in the same bed, although it might be a little early for them. The rest of the bed has onions in it – it’s best not to grow garlic and onions next to each other so the carrots will go in between them.


We also cleared and weeded some of the other beds.


We dug up some radishes, but they were pretty small!




We also harvested parsnips, and found some oyster mushrooms growing out the side of the herb bed in the Trees for Cities garden next door.



Dig day, 14 December

December 14th, 2014

We had a lovely day in the low winter sun, ‘team weeding’ and setting the world to rights. Next dig day will be in January.

Dig day Sunday 30 November

December 11th, 2014

We had a small team of gardeners on our last dig day, including a small gardener!

Ishmael helping with the digging

Ishmael helping with the digging

We finished digging trenches around the outside of the beds to protect the wood over winter.

We cleared out the runner beans and the frame, and weeded the bed where they’d been.  We also dug over some of the beds.

We planted some silverskin onions to over-winter and harvested parsnips and chard.

We also sorted out the seeds and made a list of what we need to buy.


Sadie planting onions

Sadie planting onions

Dig day, Sunday 16 November

November 26th, 2014

Depsite a bit of rainy weather we had a good day in the garden. Around five volunteers came to help out. We added compost to our newest bed and dug small trenches around several beds in order to protect the wood over the winter.

While doing this we seemed to disturb a couple of frogs’ homes. The frogs distracted a couple of gardeners for a little while…

One of our new visitors during our dig on 16 November

One of our new visitors during our dig on 16 November















Justin got to dance on the compost in the name of making it more compact and so decompose more quickly!

Justin helping to push the compost together

Justin helping to push the compost together














We planted more broad beans in one of our beds towards the front of the garden for overwintering.

We also harvested lettuce, chard, spinach and even some mushrooms growing wild in the garden – which Jean assured us were safe to eat and proved it by eating a couple during our dig.

Some of the wild mushrooms growing in Ruskin Park community garden

Some of the wild mushrooms growing in Ruskin Park community garden

Dig Day Sunday 2nd November 2014

November 9th, 2014

Despite the threat of rain it turned into a beautiful autumn afternoon with a good  turnout and some familar faces.

We put some more work into beefing up the compost heaps, especially with lots of leafy material. We also cleared out one of the compost heaps, adding nutrients to several of the beds, as well as giving the wooden structure of one of the compost sections a chance to dry out, which should keep it in good condition and minimise the chance that it becomes part of the compost itself.

It’s a good time of year  to take cuttings, so we took some from several plants, mainly the soft fruit, as well as some roses. We may use these for a plant sale next year to raise some funds for the garden.

We gave the fruit cages have had a good clear-out, with lots of weeding.

We also took some of the last broad bean pods to dry out some beans for next year – these are now drying in the shed, and should be ready to go into the soil in the spring.

The mustard is coming up slowly but surely – hopefully this will give us some good ground cover over the winter (suppressing weeds), will fix some nitrogen into the soil, as well as giving us a nice leaf crop when there’s little else to be harvested in the garden.

In terms of harvest, we took a healthy crop of salad leaves as well as some chard (and one of two last raspberries).

Dig Day Sunday 26 October

November 9th, 2014

We continued work on the new bed, digging in the grass that remained on the top.


We gathered more leaves to add to the compost heap, trampling them down to make the heap compact, and covered it with tarpaulin to keep it warm.

Adding to the compost

Adding to the compost

We dug up the marjoram that was growing in a couple of the vegetable beds and replanted it in between the apple trees.

Moving the marjoram plants

Moving the marjoram plants

While digging up the marjoram we found a few unexpected potatoes in the earth.


Our harvest this week as spinach, chard and lettuce.