About us

The mission of Ruskin Park Community Garden is to be a source of education and enthusiasm for growing vegetables.

We encourage inner city gardening to reduce the carbon output involved in food production and transport.

At our weekly dig days people can learn how to grow veg by doing. Anyone is welcome to come along we harvest the veg that is ready and share it among ourselves.

We host a few events each year to expose the wider community to what vegetable gardening looks like, to build a community of volunteers, and to have fun.

Our ethos is sustainability – reduce, reuse recycle – and inclusiveness – we want garden users to reflect the diversity of the neighbourhood.

We are delighted to have received grants from Capital Growth and the Lambeth Community Action Fund. We were nominated for funding under the Lambeth Community Action Fund 2009/10 by the Herne Hill Ward Councillors.

Garden rules

  • Don’t step in the beds if possible
  • No use of pesticides or other products that aren’t acceptable to organic farmers
  • No dogs
  • Take any rubbish with you
  • Safety:
    • Children need to be supervised and musn’t use the big tools
    • If you’re using big tools, wear solid close-toed shoes
    • Don’t leave tools lying on the ground