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Dig Day Sunday 24 September

Monday, September 25th, 2017

It was a fairly quiet day in the garden this Sunday with just a couple of volunteers.

But we were very grateful to the people who dropped off some spare decking that they no longer had any use for.

This will be perfect for helping to build structures around our beds and to keep nets in place over our crops.

The part of our asparagus bed that isn't weeded...

The part of our asparagus bed that isn’t weeded…

We focused on the asparagus bed last week, as it has become so overgrown that it is getting hard to see where it begins and ends.

We dug a trench around the edge, started on weeding the bed and then used some of our new decking to try and keep the grass at bay.

We also harvested some green tomatoes, a couple of lettuces and even a few raspberries that had grown. And we watered the crops and repaired the netting where it appeared some animals – possibly squirrels – had damaged it.

Next week we hope to finish work on the asparagus bed. We also need to cut back our raspberry bushes and do some weeding in the beds where we have crops growing.


...and the part that was weeded!

…and the part that was weeded!



Dig Day Sunday 17 September

Thursday, September 21st, 2017

We got a lot done in the garden during our dig last Sunday. We weeded one of our beds and planted out some broccoli, brussels sprouts and kale that had been growing in the polytunnel.

Planting out some crops in the garden

Planting out some crops in the garden

We weeded another bed so we could plant out some more potatoes, which should be ready for Christmas.

We pulled up our remaining potatoes – quite a big harvest – and also our radishes, some of which had become quite huge.

And we harvested some of our tomatoes too.

We decided to leave most of the tomatoes on the plants, although they are green, as we are hoping that they might ripen!

Our harvest - including potatoes, radishes and tomatoes

Our harvest – including potatoes, radishes and tomatoes

Dig Day Sunday 23 July

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

We got lots done in the garden on Sunday with the help of a couple of new volunteers.

Tending to the tomatoes in the garden on Sunday

Tending to the tomatoes in the garden on Sunday

Gardeners pinched out the suckers from the tomato plants and removed excess leaves to help them to ripen. We also weeded the tomato and potato beds.

We cleared the front of the garden which had become slightly overgrown with weeds and thorny bushes, and also mowed the lawn.

Radishes, basil, sugar snap peas and beetroot were planted in the polytunnel. And we harvested quite a few potatoes, garlic and blackberries.

There will be plenty to do in the weeks ahead so please feel free to drop in and lend a hand. We’re there most Sundays from 2-4pm.

Dig Day Sunday 11 June

Friday, June 16th, 2017
The harvest from last Sunday's dig day - raspberries, broad beans and asparagus

The harvest from last Sunday’s dig day – raspberries, broad beans and asparagus

There wasn’t a huge turnout on our dig day last Sunday. However, there was lots of harvesting to be done. Our raspberries are now growing strong and there was a whole tubful to harvest. They have continued to grow this week too.

The first of our broad beans are coming through too. And our asparagus continues to grow very fast!

Carrots were planted out in the broad bean bed last week, and some general tidying, weeding and watering was done too.

THERE WILL BE NO DIG THIS SUNDAY. All of our committee members are away. However, we will be in the garden again on SATURDAY 24 JUNE FROM 1PM.

This is because that’s the day of the Ruskin Park Summer Fete and so the park should be busier than usual. We hope to open up our garden and also to have a stall at the Fete to advertise the community garden.

If any volunteers are around on the afternoon of the 24th, and want to volunteer to help out for an hour or two, please get in touch by emailing and let us know what times  you are free. We will try and organise a rota so that we have enough people throughout the day.

Even if you haven’t been up to doing much gardening, sitting on a stall for an hour and helping give our leaflets about the garden will still be a huge help.

Sunday 21 May 2017

Sunday, May 28th, 2017

A great team turned up and we were able to plant out all our tomatoes from the polytunnel.  The potato beds were weeded and then we sprinkled compost and other fertiliser across all the beds.  Also some lime trees saplings from Trees for Cities were planted right by our entrance gate.  We hope to do more tidying around the beds on Sunday 28 May and maybe do some more sowing as well.

IMG_1948 IMG_1946IMG_1943IMG_1949

Dig Day Sunday 2 April

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

We were in the garden last Sunday at our new time of 2-4pm, since the clocks had changed.

Our broad beans after repotting in the polytunnel

Our broad beans after repotting in the polytunnel

We dug over one of the beds in preparation for planting out some of our seedlings in the polytunnel. We also repotted our broad beans, which are doing really well and had started to overgrow their very small pots!

We put some potatoes in egg boxes for chitting – when they begin to sprout – and left them in the warmth of the polytunnel. And we gave everything a good water, including our asparagus which has started to come up now.

We’ll be in the garden on most Sundays throughout the summer from 2-4pm.

Dig Day Sunday 5 March

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

We braved hail and rain showers during the dig to do a bit of work on our Mandala bed. Weeding of the bed was well overdue – as we couldn’t see where the bed actually ended anymore!

As well as weeding and clearing moss and grass from the brickwork, we also dug over the earth. We dug a trench around the edge to try and ward off the grass in future, and also planted some peas in our polytunnel.

Weeding and digging over our Mandala bed

Weeding and digging over our Mandala bed

Dig Day Sunday 5 February

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017
A volunteer helps spread compost on one of the beds

A volunteer helps spread compost on one of the beds

It was good to see some new – and newer – faces at our dig last Sunday. The ground was soft so we dug over and weeded three big beds (a long and tiring job)! We put some compost over the beds to give them a few more nutrients in preparation for planting.

We also trimmed back some of the dead growth over our herbs in the mandala bed. There were lots of new herbs growing underneath.

Our next dig will be Sunday 19 February from 1-3pm. We hope to start planting seeds in pots to go in the polytunnel, so please come along and lend a hand if you can. And if volunteers have ideas of what they would like to grow over the next year, please let us know.

First dig day of 2017

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

We had our first dig of the year on 8 January. Luckily the recent rain had made the soil soft so we could get on with some weeding.

We found lots of garlic shoots in the bed where we planted garlic last year, so we we moved them into the bed with this year’s garlic. Fingers crossed they’ll continue to grow and we’ll get a good harvest.

Garlic shoots

We also found a couple of large potatoes while we were weeding, so ended up with an unexpected harvest of potatoes and kale.

Potatoes and kale

Potatoes and kale

The Friends of Ruskin Park brought us a present of some bran, a by-product of the wheat threshing process. Bran helps plant roots extract nutrients from the soil, helping them grow. We’ll be digging it into our beds before we plant out seedlings later on in the year.

Read about the wheat-growing project in Ruskin Park.

We’ll be in the garden again this Sunday 22 January from 1pm to 3pm – come along and give us a hand.

Happy gardening!

The community gardeners





Dig Day Sunday 13 November

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

We did quite a bit of tidying in the garden during the dig. We pulled up the remaining tomato plants from the last bed, and put them on the compost. We also cut back our asparagus plants, weeded the bed and tackled the fruit bushes that are encroaching on bits of the garden.

The front bed got a bit of a weed, but there’s still more to be done. And we raked up wheelbarrows full of leaves to add to our compost heap.

In coming weeks we’ll continue to tidy up the garden for winter, and we also hope to plant some garlic. We may have a few other things to plant over winter too.