Dig Day Sunday 24 September

It was a fairly quiet day in the garden this Sunday with just a couple of volunteers.

But we were very grateful to the people who dropped off some spare decking that they no longer had any use for.

This will be perfect for helping to build structures around our beds and to keep nets in place over our crops.

The part of our asparagus bed that isn't weeded...

The part of our asparagus bed that isn’t weeded…

We focused on the asparagus bed last week, as it has become so overgrown that it is getting hard to see where it begins and ends.

We dug a trench around the edge, started on weeding the bed and then used some of our new decking to try and keep the grass at bay.

We also harvested some green tomatoes, a couple of lettuces and even a few raspberries that had grown. And we watered the crops and repaired the netting where it appeared some animals – possibly squirrels – had damaged it.

Next week we hope to finish work on the asparagus bed. We also need to cut back our raspberry bushes and do some weeding in the beds where we have crops growing.


...and the part that was weeded!

…and the part that was weeded!



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