Spring time in the gardens

22nd March 2021

The first few months of 2021 have been a busy time in the community gardens.  Our energetic team have been weeding, digging over, sowing and planting as well as laying down manure and mulch in the right places.

We started by digging over the compost heap in January and using the stuff at the bottom to sprinkle on some of the beds ahead of planting.  We’ve also been doing carpentry, putting down new boards around the beds.

Onwards with the sowing of courgettes, broad beans, peas, chilli and salad leaves. Planting out of broad beans has already started.  We’ve also been pruning our apple and pear trees thanks to Andy, who is an expert in this area.  We’re also laying down mulch on the area around the pond, which has been quite susceptible to weeds.  In due course, we’ll plant new wildflowers around the pond to attract insects which, in turn, will hopefully attract the frogs back!




Great progress is being made and we hope you can join us soonIMG_4788 IMG_4775





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