Spring Summer Planting plans

Spring-Summer 2011 when to plant veg

6th March – sow outdoors – brussel sprouts,

sow undercover – celery, cauliflower (indoors)

13th March – sow outdoors – lettuce, beetroot, red & savoy cabbage, carrots, leek

20th March – sow tomatoes

3rd April – perpetual spinach & sibilla, parsnip, radish, rocket

sow indoors – French beans, pattison squash

17th April – sow outdoors – purple sprouting broccoli, endive, leek, sorrel, turnip, calabrese, kale

24th April – sow outdoors – peas (halif d’annonay & champion of England)

1st May – sow outdoors – broad beans, lettuce

plant out French beans

15th May – sow outdoors – parsnip, radish, rocket, runner beans, sorrel, swede, sweetcorn

22nd May – sow indoors – courgette, cucumber (mini & Wautoma)

29th May – sow outdoors – French beans, kale, turnip

sow indoors – pattison squash

5th June – sow outdoors – butternut squash

19th June- sow outdoors – lettuce, runner beans, swede

3rd July – sow outdoors – perpetual spinach & sibilla, endive, radish, rocket

7th August – sow outdoors – lettuce

14th August – sow outdoors – endive, radish, rocket

Vegetable Variety
Beetroot Sanguina Sow: mid March – end July
Crop: June – end October
Broad Beans Aquadulce long pod Sow: mid February – May
Crop: mid June – end August
Broccoli Green heading calabrese Sow: end March – July
Crop: end July – mid November
Purple sprouting Sow: mid April – end May
Crop: next March – May
Brussel Spouts Sanda Sow: mid March – May
Crop: October – mid February
Cabbage red – Rouge tete noir Sow: mid March – end May
Crop: mid August – mid November
Savoy – Piacenza Sow: mid March – end May
Crop: September – December
Cauliflower Autumn Giant Sow: March – June – indoors
Plant out: April – July
Crop: September – mid December
Carrots Lisse de Meaux long Sow: February – mid March – undercover
Crop: mid May – June
Sow: mid March – end June – outdoors
Crop: mid June – mid October
Celery Full white self blanching Sow: February – March – undercover
Crop: August – December
Chard Perpetual spinach Sow: April – May & July – August
Sibilla Crop: July – February
Courgette Dark green dwarf bush Sow: mid April – June – indoors
Crop: mid June – end September
Cucumber (mini) miniature white Sow: mid May – indoors
Crop: mid June – end September
Cucumber Wautoma Sow: mid May – indoors
Crop: mid June – end September
Endive Bianca riccia de taglo Sow: mid February – April & July – August
Crop: April – June & September – October
French Beans Purple climbing Sow: April – indoors
Plant out: mid April – end June
Crop: mid June – mid October
Jerusalem artichoke
Kale Sutherland Sow: April – mid June
Crop: August – February
Leek Meziers long winter Sow: mid March – end April
Crop: mid October – February
Lettuce Reine des Glaces Sow: mid March – end August
Flame Crop: May – October
Onions Sturon Sow: mid March – April – outdoors
Crop: July – August
Parsnip Tender & ture Sow: April – mid May
Crop: July – August
Peas Halif d’Annonay Sow: March – April
Crop: May – August
Champion of England (tall) Sow: end April
Potatoes Edgecote purple Sow earlies: mid March – May
Kestral Crop earlies: june – mid August
Romano Sow maincrop: mid March – mid April
Crop: mid August – September
Radish Red top Sow: April – mid August
Crop: mid April – August
Rocket Mild cultivated Sow: April – August
Crop: May- September
Runner beans The Czar Sow: May (indoors) or mid May – June
Crop: mid July – mid September
Squash (summer) Pattison orange patty pan Sow: mid April – June – indoors
Crop: mid June – end September
Squash (winter) Waltham butternut Sow: May – indoors or June – outdoors
Crop: September – October
Sorrel Belleville leaf Sow: mid April –May
Crop: May – August
Sweetcorn Golden bantam Sow: May
Crop: August – September
Swede Champion red top Sow: mid May – end July
Crop: mid October – December
Tomatoes Legend Bush Sow: mid February – March
Gardeners delight (cherry) Crop: July – October
Orange Banana
Galina (early)
Turnip 40 day Milan white Sow: April – May
Crop: mid June – August

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