Pizza Party on 3rd November

We are the grateful recipients of a mobile, wood fired pizza oven from the Loughborough Farm.  The 3rd of November 2018 was a bright and pleasant Saturday, just right for an outdoor pizza party.  We finally gave our pizza oven a trial run in the garden and it was a great success! Thanks to everyone who helped out and brought ingredients.

Oli from the farm came over to show us how to stack the firewood, and get the oven up and running.  Just 90 minutes later the oven was hot enough to cook, and we were pressing the dough and making a range of toppings. These included making vegan pizzas! A generous amount of beer was consumed as well.

Our output increased as the afternoon progressed until we were even baking two pizzas at a time. The range and quality of the pizzas was impressive, especially as some of the ingredients were herbs and veg grown in our own garden.

It was an excellent opportunity for gardeners to socialise with friends and family. Now we know that the oven works, we hope to have more pizza parties over the winter which will be open to all.

We’ll keep you posted and hope to see you there.

All the best,

The Community Gardeners

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Our first pizza

Our first pizza

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